Luxury packaging as a brand advantage

Providing luxury packaging for your brand and products has to be seen as a whole new and great experience for your clients. But actually what makes the package look so luxury? Do you wonder what makes the customer want your goods just by seeing it on the shelf? Thanks to our previous professional experience we want to share some details on how to make your packaging outstanding.

Luxury = quality

No matter how good and impressive the design of a package is, it must be attractive, practical, flexible and made of quality materials. Take a look at what will be used and what it will contain to choose the right type of paper or type of print.

Luxury packaging radiates an exception

Here, there may be two opinions on issues that are luxurious packaging. It is provided as an exception and increases the client’s desire to be attracted to this wonderful package, initially and then to the inside content.

Simple design highlights luxury

You do not have to bet on too colorful or rich design. Sometimes the key is in the minimalist design. The simplicity highlights the luxury of packaging. Turn on a few items, add the right material to make and finish this chic design with a stylish ribbon that is always a must-have accessory for the luxury of your packaging.

Practicality is a luxury

While the appearance is critical to luxury packaging, the package still needs to be used for storage, delivery and distribution. Packaging has to deal with several environmental conditions, including moisture, dryness and extreme temperatures throughout the transit to the destination.

Emotion and experience

However, the packaging can not be just a packing. It should carry the emotion and experience of the user in a way that can build a lasting relationship between the brand and the customer. The different way of opening, the extra layers of paper, extravagant fastener or pull tabs bring a sense of luxury.

If you want to get the maximum benefits of your luxury packaging, just contact us.

Are wedding photobooks more expensive?

Until now, wedding photobooks such as these have been treated and subject to a reduced VAT rate of seven instead of 19 percent. From 2017, however, the wedding photobooks are to be subject to the full VAT rate as a result of an EU regulation and thus become more expensive.

Wedding photobooks are gaining increasing interest among end users. However, providers of photo books such as the CEWE Group feared a significant slump in demand for photo books until one month ago.


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The reason: Until now, photobooks were regarded as books, which meant that only the reduced value-added / sales tax rate of seven percent was due. But because photo books primarily contain photos and the text content is rather small, they are not primarily for reading, but are the current variant of the photo album. And for this, the full tax rate of 19 percent has always been due. Luckily for photobuch providers the increase of the tax burden by twelve percentage points now only until the end of the year 2016. Then it is to be feared that the manufacturers pass the tax adjustment to their customers. Thus a price increase would be unavoidable.

Why is the VAT reduction reduced?

With the title Fotobuch, the printed wedding photo albums have in recent years benefited from the sales tax reduction on books. For books in Germany traditionally only a reduced sales tax rate of seven percent is due, because “read forms”. The fact that the reduced rate of VAT charged for books is no longer applicable to photobooks is the result of an EU regulation of the end of 2015.

The photobooks were classified under CN code 4911 91 00 with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2254 on the classification of certain goods in the Combined Nomenclature (CN). Since a photo book is not intended for reading, the EU Commission considers that it can not be classified under tax-privileged position 4901 as a book. As a consequence of this regulation, which is directly applicable in all countries of the EU, the full turnover tax rate of 19 percent will be due for photobooks in Germany as of January 1.

VAT consequences of the EU Implementing Regulation

As a result of the EU regulation, wedding photobooks are subject to the general rate of sales tax (ยง12 para. 1 UStG). The tax reduction for books is thus no longer applicable. This also applies if the object to be assessed has different dimensions than those specified in the implementing ordinance as typical of photobooks or not in full-color printing. In the same letter it is mentioned that photobooks are also characterized by the fact that they do not have an international standard book number (ISBN).

PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE TEST – Wedding photo album

Chaos, clutter and no clue where to start. These are keywords that every bride knows not only of the wedding preparations, but also afterwards. Because then countless wedding photos are piled up and it becomes clear: the spread of digital cameras is both, curse and blessing. Alone from the photographer several hundred wedding photos are now on the PC and then are still the of Aunt Erna, Uncle Alfie and the friends…

A very handy and at the same time beautiful remedy can create a photo book. We have fought for you through the current offer in order to filter out exactly the requirements that match your requirements for wedding photos.

For much time

Perhaps you have one or other day of your honeymoon. Or take a weekend for sorting your wedding photos. In this case the Pixum software is highly recommended. Even if it takes some time to become acquainted with the many functions and subtleties, thanks to the fast photoupload and the many layout and design proposals will be worth the effort!